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历史的对象, the MHS 播客

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欢迎来到 历史的对象! The extraordinary collections of the MHS tell the story of America through millions of rare and unique documents, 工件, and irreplaceable national treasures. Each episode of the podcast takes you on a behind the scenes tour of that vast collection. Hosts Cassie Cloutier and Kanisorn Wongsrichanalai speak with staff experts and scholars to learn about the stories behinds our collections and gain a richer understanding of the past.

If you are someone who loves to learn about history through material objects and manuscripts, if you always wish you could hold the documents in a display case at a museum, or if you get chills thinking about how the artifact in front of you belonged to a real historical person, then this podcast is for you.

了解更多 手机网赌软件排行榜团队.


了解更多, watch this conversation with the producers and staff experts sharing highlights and talking about what was left on the cutting room floor.