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亚当斯的论文 Digital Edition


 亚当斯的论文 Digital Edition provides free online access to dozens of volumes published by the 亚当斯的论文 Editorial Project. 这 数字版 includes all text 的 historical documents, all editorial text, and a single consolidated index.

的 Papers of Robert Treat Paine

Edited by Edward W. 汉森

的 数字版 的 Papers of Robert Treat Paine reproduces the 的 previously printed volumes, which cover 1746 through 1786, from Paine's youth, through his work during the American Revolution, and into his tenure as Massachusetts Attorney General.

Consult the edition and more about Robert Treat Paine.

的 Winthrop Papers

政府肖像. John Winthrop Sr., by Charles Osgood, 1834

这 Winthrop Papers Digital Edition presents the digitized content 的 previously published volumes from the Winthrop Papers documentary edition, a publication 的 Massachusetts Historical Society. 研究ers now have online access to the contents of volumes 1 through 4, comprising annotated transcriptions of Winthrop document composed primarily in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Charles Francis Adams, Sr.: 的 Civil War Diaries (Unverified Transcriptions)

detail, Charles Francis Adams, Carte de visite by John & 底盘. 沃特金斯,1862

这 数字版 provides early access to Charles Francis Adams’s diaries from January 1861 through April 1865 as he served as minister to the Court of St. James’s—a post held in previous decades by his father and grandfather.

以前的ly published 亚当斯的论文 volumes, fully edited and annotated, appear here: 亚当斯的论文 Digital Edition.

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